The New Novel by Dennis Brickles

This novel is set in a Europe that is in turmoil. Against this backdrop powerful ambition mingles with passionate love as influential figures of the time strive for status, prestige and power.

Lady Emma Hamilton is beautiful, vivacious and talented, but she has a shady past. She gains an older husband. She also gains the love of Admiral Nelson. How far can she climb, and at what cost?

How are they linked to William Beckford: fabulously wealthy, artistic, eccentric and openly bisexual?

What does the handsome young Italian, Niccolo Brandisi, mean to them all?

Beauty and Glory brings you love tainted by scandal and shaped by dramatic events.


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The Protagonists

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Horatio Nelson

Horatio Nelson is modestly successful as a young captain and whilst in the West Indies he marries a widow: Fanny Nesbit. He spends years at home without a ship until the outbreak of war with France. He then rises quickly to prominence. After a famous victory at the Battle of the Nile he goes to Naples to recover. There he falls in love with Lady Emma Hamilton. It changes his life utterly. For the better, or the worse?

Sir William Hamilton

Sir William Hamilton lives in Naples. He is British Ambassador, but he is also a hedonist, dilettante and avid collector. He adds a very beautiful young woman to his collection. Wii he regret it?

Lady Emma Hamilton

Lady Emma Hamilton is born Amy Lyon. She is bought and sold several times before the age of twenty. As the mistress of Charles Greville she is renamed as Mrs Emma Hart. She becomes a famous model and is painted numerous times by George Romney. Greville’s uncle is Sir William Hamilton and when he is widowed Mrs Hart is passed on to him and she makes a new life in Naples, first as Sir William’s mistress and then his wife. She becomes a close friend of Queen Carolina of Naples and later falls in love with Nelson. They become international celebrities.

William Beckford

William Beckford is the wealthiest young man in England when he comes of age. He is also an avid collector, a writer, musician and aesthete. He is a relative of Sir William Hamilton, visits Naples on several occasions and writes regularly to Sir William. He is shunned by polite society in England after various sexual scandals and spends much time travelling in Europe, including visits to Paris as the revolution gathers pace. He builds Fonthill Abbey in the heart of his estate and decides to live there.

About The Author

Dennis Brickles author of 'Beauty and Glory'

I worked for 34 years as a teacher in Liverpool, in Settle and then Harrogate.

Whilst working in the Yorkshire Dales I was co-author of a musical play called The Iron Way, written to commemorate the centenary of the building of the Settle-Carlisle Railway. Many years later I went back to that material to write my first novel: it was called Batty Green.

A couple of years ago I stared to research a new period of history. I have always been interested in Nelson and the Hamiltons, and their famous mènage á trois. But it raised some big questions. Nelson’s courage, bravado and thirst for glory are well-known. How could such a man of action apparently become enslaved to another man’s wife? His infatuation with Lady Hamilton must have been so powerful that he was prepared to risk everything for her. Why was she so alluring? I began to read more about Nelson and also looked at accounts of Emma Hamilton’s life. I was intrigued to read that Nelson and the Hamiltons became friends with the infamous eccentric William Beckford.

I was brought up in Bristol and had a memory of visiting William Beckford’s tower at Lansdown, near Bath. I knew that he had built an Abbey in the woods on his estate nearby and lived there in splendid isolation, and possible depravity! So then I read more about William Beckford and realised that he had visited Naples, and had also invited the Hamiltons and Nelson to his Wiltshire home. The story began to take immediate shape as I read accounts of that extraordinary visit.

I am happy to talk to local groups about : The notorious Emma Hamilton. The talk is illustrated by images of the times, places and people involved in her life. See Talks by the author for more details.

You can contact me, on this or other matters, by writing to me at:  or send a message via Facebook or Twitter.