Batty Green

“Batty Green” is set in Yorkshire, in the nineteenth century, and describes the impact upon a remote rural community of the building of the Settle-Carlisle railway. It focuses upon one small family and in particular the young farmer’s wife, Emily Wright. Her restless spirit responds in unpredictable ways to the arrival of thousands of navvies who set up camp in this remote corner of the Yorkshire Dales. They bring a touch of the Wild West to this bleak and beautiful English landscape.

The residents of Batty Green drink excessively and brawl frequently, and for Emily Wright this raw energy is startling. She is unnerved by them and the disturbance they bring. The frustration of her own difficult marriage reaches a crescendo that draws her closer and closer to the disorganised lives of some of those that live in Batty Green.

“Batty Green” is available from your normal bookshop, or from the author for £10, including postage and packing. To order a copy send an email to:

Dennis has spoken at many venues in Yorkshire and Lancashire. His talk is entitled:

‘Navvy life at Batty Green. Who were the men that built the Settle-Carlisle Railway?’

For more information, or to enquire about booking such a talk, go to “Talks by the author”.

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Batty Green